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A Dealer Management System designed to maximize powersports dealer operations through advanced software tools including quick over-the-counter sales, customer-friendly vehicle service, Scheduler and Time Clock features. TALONes is available for US dealers.

Service History-Link (SHL)

What vehicle history will be included?
•    All service history from 2012 to prior day
•    Service details from participating Harley-Davidson dealerships

What information displays on the report?

•    Servicing dealer name
•    Vehicle Information (VIN, make, model, year)
•    Date of service
•    Work order number
•    Mileage at the time of service
•    Brief description of the service done
•    List of H-D part numbers and description (non-H-D parts listed with description non-H-D Parts)

We will always respect your dealership proprietary information. Therefore, you will never see this type of information on a report:
•    Customer name or contact information
•    Dealership specific pricing
•    Labor descriptions or pricing information

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How to Cancel my SHL Subscription

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Hardware & Security

Fortinet Products

Protect your network from unauthorized access and potential network security threats. Regardless of your DMS, we offer reliable and effective security solutions to meet the needs of your business. Learn more...

MCPc Portal

TALON Powersports Solutions teamed up with MCPc to provide a secured purchasing portal for all your office needs. MCPconnect.com offers competitive pricing on over 350,000 products – including printers, workstations, and barcode scanners along with consumables such as thermal paper, labels, and inks. Learn more...

Hosted Environment

Dynamic resource allocation when and where you need it! Leverage off-site Data Storage, quick and easy disaster recovery, and multi-server redundancies to minimize server downtime. Contact a team member to learn more...

Physical Server Solution

Reduce dependency on internet connectivity to conduct business. This solution provides local data storage, Dell warranty and support with 4-hour on-site hardware support. Contact a team member to learn more...


TALONes Tune-Up Program

TALON Powersports Solutions has created a dynamic new product that provides dealers with a comprehensive look at how to effectively use the TALONes system. This program consists of 3 Tune-Up reports with over 90 inspection points, and interactive webinars with your management staff. Learn more...

Training Services

We offer multiple training options to help dealers become more efficient and effective with TALONes. Choose from a wide variety of free recorded webinars and self-help training videos. We also offer affordable in-depth virtual workshops and instructor-led courses. Learn more...

Data Services

TALON Powersports Solutions offers a multitude of system clean-up options to make your system reporting as accurate as possible.


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"Class was amazing for our service & parts manager. A great refresher OR for a new warranty manager. We highly recommend! -Matt"

"SHL is a great tool! Helps educate us, the customer and great info when purchasing a bike. -Jackie"


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